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Monday, January 4, 2010

Lists lists lists

Everywhere you look there are lists right now! It's funny how people like to categorize and rank things. All of these lists everywhere have had me mentally ranking my own past year, and this is as good a place as any to write it all down. :)
So here are some of the things I have especially liked (and disliked) about 2009.
Favorite books (new to me, not necessarily new to 2009, and in no particular order):
  • Traveling with Pomegranates by Ann Kidd Taylor
  • Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling by Sandra Dodd
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (yes, I was an English major, and no, I had never read it!)
  • Nerfertiti and The Heretic Queen, both by Michelle Moran
  • My Lady of Cleves by Margaret Campbell Barnes
  • The Welsh Princes Trilogy by Sharon Kay Penman
  • The Sharing Knife Trilogy by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • The Farseer Trilogy, The LiveShip Trilogy, and The Tawny Man Trilogy, all by Robin Hobb
Least Favorite Books (please please do not waste your time or money!!)
  • Tutankhamun and the Daughter of Ra by Moyra Caldecott
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (I may try to revisit this one, but I will have to be very bored.)
  • Changelings by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Favorite Internet Finds:

  • Gwynnie's awesome fleece-lined bonnet from etsy seller UrbanBabyBonnets:

Favorite memories (only some, obviously):

  • Rhanna sledding on Christmas Day, her face full of such joy and abandon.

  • Thane waking up to join us on Gwynnie's Birthingday.

  • Listening to Into the Wild during my birth.

  • Watching the Tour de France all during July while we waited for Gwynnie to be born.

  • Watching Emrys experience the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland.

  • Feeling so proud of Abe on his one-year-sober anniversary.

Favorite New Song: Exactly by Amy Steinberg
Favorite New TV Show: The Tudors (Maria Doyle Kennedy is an amazingly perfect Katherine!)
Favorite New Doll: Califia, Goddess of California
Most Grateful For: My healthy pregnancy, homebirth, baby girl, and milk supply. :)

Biggest Bummers: Missing Harry Potter in the theater in July, not getting to The Passion of Mary Magdalene (which isn't available on Kindle, so was hard for me to read), and missing Big Sur this year. I think it's the first whole year since I was born that I didn't get to visit.

Biggest Regrets: Most of my real regrets still revolve around Emrys, but I do regret not eating more croissants and bear claws when my gluten intolerance was in remission during my pregnancy. I also should have had more faith that I would lose the baby weight (45 pounds!!), because now all my new pants keep falling down, lol.

Biggest Attitude Adjustments: My feelings towards household chores changed a lot after reading Sandra Dodd's ideas about chores as a gift freely given. I'm not sure this change is noticable on the outside, since the same chores get done in the same way by the same people, but there's a change in my mind, which is nice. Life also re-prioritized itself enough to make my interest in other people's choices a lot less (in other words, I am less interested in influencing other people to make better decisions).

Nicest Surprise: I think one of the nicest surprises last year was the positive interaction I experienced on Facebook with friends old and new. Sharing our pregnancy and BabyWatch with everyone was really fun. And I was honestly touched by the outpouring of love I felt on my birthday from so many different people.

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Robyn Campbell said...

I shall have to check out those books. I home-school. And I'm always looking for a good read. Though, I think I'll take your advice on the least favorite. No time to waste. Thanks!

Thanks for commenting on Christopher's birthday yesterday. I have pasted the comments into a doc and he plans on framing them and putting it on his wall. :0)