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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year, New Dreams

I started actually writing down some of the things on my 'bucket list' today (they're in the left-hand column, with links). Beginning a new year is a good time to make big dreams and think about the future, don't you think?

I'm so curious about what will happen this year! So many people hated 2009, but despite our unemployment issues, 2009 was very good to us, and I will remember it fondly. Next year is a huge mystery, with big questions about employment and where we'll end up living. I'm enjoying Gwynnie so much, and it will be a delight to watch her grow this year.

I worked on dolls today, which always feels good. I hardly made any mistakes, which was surprising, since four of the dolls needed embroideries on the backs as well as the fronts, and that's a tricky business. :)

Currently reading: Anne of Cleves, which I am really enjoying. She's my favorite of the six wives, and there's not a ton to read about her!


Anonymous said...

OK, I know I'm a bit techno challenged but I don't see a left hand column?

Glad you had a nice day and it's nice to send the last year off not hating it!

Looking forward to hearing more about the book you are reading.

Happy, Blessed New Year my sister!

Kelli said...

Let me take this moment to remind you that I failed my first driver's test, not because I was a bad driver, but because I didn't know my left and right, and missed the hand turns. Check the right column. :P

(in light of this left/right shortcoming, it's kind of strange that I have a built-in compass and always know what direction I'm facing, huh?)