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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The latest gluten-free concoctions

We've been terrible about posting our recipes lately, although we still take photos of nearly everything we eat, lol! I was looking through a couple of months of pictures, looking for kids' pictures for a collage, and all I could find were pics of food!! Strange priorities, for certain. :)

This whole post was supposed to go on our food blog, but I messed up and uploaded the photos to the wrong place. . .Abe said he hoped I had fun with the project, because it blew up in the kiln, lol!

Here are some of our latests:

A big batch of banana bread, in mini loaves, muffins, and bundt cakes

pita bread!

I'm calling these nourishing nibbles, and I've been living on them lately.

Rosemary bread sticks (and a spiral, of course)

A maple cake for Gwynnie's first birthday

Brownies with salted caramel frosting
(OMG, yum)

huge batch of pastries, including unbelievable bear claws

quiche (something savory??!?)

more pastries!

Tower of banana bread and three types of cookies.
I really need to type out the peanut butter cookie recipe, at the very least.
It is to DIE for.

cinnamon rolls

sandwich rolls (we've missed sandwiches!)

Needless to say, we've been eating okay lately. ;)
Comment below if there's a recipe you'd really like to see.
Finding time to type everything out has been difficult lately (we're baking too much!)

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