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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Goodbye, Marblemount

This week did not turn out at all like we had planned. Even without an actual plan! Rhanna's concussion was quite a bit worse than we originally thought, and she spent the entire week resting in bed. So there aren't a lot of photos from this week in the North Cascades. I didn't take any photos of her miserable condition, but here's Joxer, who also slept all week, as cats do. ;)

Father's Day was not an impressive affair, as holidays go, but when every day is lived the way you want to be living it, there's less pressure to make some days more spectacular than others. Thane did spend an entire day working on an impressive Minecraft fireworks display as a gift for dad though. :)

watching the grand finale!

So mainly this week felt like a lot of tip-toeing around to keep quiet for Rhanna's recovery, but we did play some card games, and Gwynnie took a trip into "town" (Concrete, WA, population 705) with Abe for some groceries.

Plus, it rained BUCKETS all week, with the exception of the first day, so even had Rhanna not been injured, our touring would probably have been limited. We did have a small swingset in the "yard" and were able to see a bald eagle and some black-tailed deer from the comfort of our living room.

Gwynnie and Emrys both became Junior Rangers this week. Rhanna and Thane loved this program when they were younger, but are abstaining this time around. The younger ones are jazzed though!

We just passed our first-month anniversary of living in the RV, and we all love it. It feels very homey and natural to be living this way, but it isn't without its hazards. We have all suffered numerous cuts, scrapes, and burns (not to mention concussions and whiplash) learning to live in a miniaturized home. I mean, really, an inordinate amount of minor injuries. And with so many creatures living in such a small space, the cleaning is continuous. Each space has to be transformed into day- and night-use, and our efficiency in packing means that, usually, to get something you need, you have to remove twelve things from the space in order to reach it, then put everything back. LOL. Rhanna and I are still on the Auto-Immune Protocol, so at least two (if not three) separate meals are required three times a day, and nothing we eat is bought prepared. Our tiny oven, stove, and fridge means that this is much more of a hassle than it was previously (if that's even possible). In another post, I'll show you how I have all the cupboards organized.

Still, it's all positive and good. The sensation of driving your entire HOME from one place to another is surreal; you are in a totally different place, but everything is the same! A lot of work, yes, but we lived in a gorgeous forested National Park this week, and are heading to the coast tomorrow, so no complaints!

Marblemount, WA:
Animals observed: bald eagle, black-tailed deer, tons of little birds

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