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Friday, June 13, 2014

North Cascades National Park

It's raining buckets here just outside of North Cascades National Park, so there's time for a mid-week update. The wi-fi here is iffy, and there's no cell coverage at all, so it may take a while to upload any photos, lol. We have this entire little RV park to ourselves this morning, with the exception of a really cool woman named Al who is cycling solo across the country (destination Maine: for her story); all of her gear is too wet to pack today, so we're actually going to give her a lift as soon as we have a little break in the weather; these steep hills are too dangerous in this rain!

Casita Lincoln

Our first days here, though, were gorgeous, and the kids enjoyed playing in the new yard. :)

Yesterday we journeyed up the road a dozen miles or so to the National Park

It feels so great to be back in the mountains. Our decade in the Sierras truly made us into Mountain People, and we have been breathing a collective sigh of relief to be back in this type of terrain. They call this the American Alps, and it's beautiful here! The Skagit River is glacier-fed (North Cascades NP is home to nearly half the glaciers found in the lower 48 states!) and its turquoise color is amazing.

Foxglove season in Washington! They're everywhere!

The museum was fun for the kids, especially 
Gwynnie, who exclaimed, "Hey! I'm starting to like this 
place!" (She's still having some challenges with all 
the transitions from one too-fun place to another.)

most of the peaks around here are apparently named for food:
Chocolate, sourdough, bacon, the works! (hungry goldminers!)

who doesn't love a banana slug?

Gwynnie and Em loved the lightning area

Em loved this snowy owl - we don't have room in the RV to buy lots 
of souvenirs, but we can take photos with them!

Thane taking in the scenery

wildflowers everywhere; the lupine is beautiful

Rhanna actually had a mild concussion all day, after a run-in with the heavy basement 
door in the morning, but she's feeling better today, thank goodness. Still smiling! 

The clouds were coming in at this point, so it's hard to see the top of this glacier-topped 
mountain, but this was a stunning view!

Em knows how to look for the handicapped-accessible sign to see which little hikes we can take - he's chosen our next destination (which we will check out tomorrow, hopefully, under clearer skies!)

Rhanna says I was terrible mis-informed about the mundane nature of her concussion:

"So I thought you would all be interested to here the story of how I got a mild concussion yesterday. It's a crazy story! So we arrived at the North Cascade National Park, and I took one look at the beautiful Mount Baker and decided that I needed to climb it (Since the mountain and I have the same name. Plus I wanted a new profile picture of me on top of a mountain.) so we hired this (cute) French park ranger name Jacques-Pierre to take me up the mountain. We were almost to the top of the mountain when an avalanche came rushing toward us. We tried to get out of the way but Jacques-Pierre was struck by a boulder and knocked unconscious, So I had to dig him out of the snow, where a stray clump of ice hit me on the head momentarily stunning me. Then I carried him to the shelter of a nearby cave, but it happened to be housing a family of bears and wolverines and bear-wolverine hybrid cubs. It was almost nightfall and we didn't have any supplies to keep up warm for the night so I carried Jacques-Pierre down the mountain on my shoulders, and we reached the ranger station at midnight where I set Jacques-Pierre down and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. Then I walked back to the RV where everyone else was asleep and being so full of adrenaline I baked throughout the night, until I was so utterly exhausted I fell asleep on the counter and woke up with a dreadful headache and lots of cookies. 
True story!!"  ~Rhanna


WildRose said...

What a marvelous adventure as a family....your sense of humor shines thru brilliantly and I find myself wanting to join you on this magickal odyssey of rambling.....have a blessed summer surrounded by peace, harmony and happiness and much fruition on your journey....SisWildRose (not a rambling rose anymore) LOL

Kelli said...

GREAT to hear from you, WildRose, and thank you for the lovely wishes. Hope all is well in Morro Bay! xoxo