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Saturday, July 18, 2009

clearly I am a terrible blogger

Has it really been 14 weeks since I promised a photo and update? LOL.

Okay, well forget the 26-week photo, since I am now 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Baby seems comfy and uninclined to make an appearance any time soon. Well, I'm sure it will be relatively soon, but probably not today. Rhanna is hoping for tomorrow (the 19th) since her birthday is September 19th. :)
The picture here is from two weeks ago when I was 38 weeks. We had such a nice family hike that day.
Life seems pretty much on hold while we wait for baby to decide to be born. Abe has been home for the last couple of months after being laid off in May; it's been great having him here for the end of the pregnancy and will be even more great having him here while baby is new. Today Rhanna is making a triple batch of pancakes, Thane is dreaming of snowcones and has learned to tie his new golf shoes, and Emrys is inexplicably calling everyone in the house "old potato!" while wearing sunglasses and a superhero cape.
I did get a few days of good nesting in (finally!) and was happy with the progress I made on my selected projects. If my hands weren't so numb all the time I'd have been able to do so much more! As it is lately, I find myself doing. . .well not much of anything. I'm sure that will be changing very soon!!

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