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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just saying hello today. :)

Thane is teaching himself to play the recorder, Rhanna is reading about Elizabeth I, Emrys is having a low-blood-sugar day and isn't doing much at all (but at least he isn't whining, either), and I am sitting here mentally doing all the things that need doing. Not *actually* doing anything, but thinking really hard. In my MIND, the closets are reorganized, the garage is cleaned out, all my doll orders are finished, and I have a freezer full of meals all ready-made. Wow, in my mind I am SOOO efficient!

Here was my belly about 2 weeks ago at 24 weeks - I'll post a 26-week photo in a few days.


Tea, Thyme and Cozies said...

Hey Kelli, I haven't checked over here in donkeys years...LOL. Sent you an invite to my personal blog, made it private again but am letting in a select few. The other blogs are staying open. But need a rant space, LOL.

PS, I can't wait to see what little surprise is gonna be!

clairity said...

Ha! I love that trick.

Nydia said...

KNowing well how much hard work you'll have when this little one is born, you're right to keep relaxed and let only your mindwork these days! :o)

Loved the photo, you looks gorgeous with your lovely belly, and Emrys is super-cute as usual!

Kisses from us.

Toad said...

I am no doctor but you may be pregnant.

Nydia said...

Kelli, it ok for you to change my email address for the Dancing Goddess Dolls giveaways? That one was my ex-job's, and now I'm only working with or, I weekly open both of them. Thank you!
And take good caer of this beauty belly! :o)