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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Names are Important

Okay, so I've added all my sordid details over to the right, which makes this thing official. When I told Abe about it last night, his first question was, "What did you name it?" When I said 'Walking Away', he laughed and said. "That's perfect! But hey, why not 'Running Away'?" and I immediately said, "Because I'm not scared [of Mother Culture]!" and he agreed that walking away was much more defiant and perfect for us. :D

I assure you this is not meant to be a food blog, but actually, I do believe that nourishing our families from scratch is a subversive act in today's western society, so it does fit in here. Last night I made apricot jam, and this morning I made some gluten-free 'graham' crackers, so I must share a photo.

I guess I'll go now and tell somebody this mic is on, lol.


Toadkiller said...

We are all about making jams and jellies and canning other stuff right now. So yummy!

And smooch!

Tea, Thyme and Cozies said...

I am soooo glad I wasn't the first one to comment, LOL...because I think I'm glued to the computer sometimes.

Yippeeeee someone joined me here! Now I have something else to read! I promise I'll try not to bug ya here too, LOL.

Great start by the way, at least your posts are original. I had to lock my personal one so family doesn't see me complain about them when I point them to a blogpost.


Kelli said...

Ooo, Ooh! I'm not a blog-comment-virgin anymore! LOL. Thanks, Goof! ;)

What kind of preserves are you putting up, Scott? I bet you have a bunch of great farmer's markets in your area to get fruit and veggies. We got the apricots from my parents' yard, and I have some berries in the freezer to put up later - canning in the summer when it's so hot really sucks!

And hi, Michelle! We'll see. .. I can see myself locking up for personal rants eventually, too. ;)