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Thursday, April 2, 2015

First Quarter Catch-Up

It's the beginning of April and we haven't shared a darn thing for 2015 yet. It's just fortunate for us that we aren't trying to make a living as bloggers, lol.

The quick recap of our first quarter (I haven't even made collages yet, so just a few catch-up pics)!

January 2015:
Made it to Georgia!

Visited with family on St. Simon's Island

Climbed a lighthouse!

Visited with a good friend in Florida! (Hi, Raeanne!)

Took the kids to Epcot

Went to Wizarding World

And of course to Magic Kingdom

Farther south, visited more good friends! (Hi, Maggy!)

What joy!! (Rhanna and dear friends Mica and Angelica)

Saw a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral!

Put our toes in the Atlantic. Cocoa Beach was firm enough for Em's walker!

After such an exhausting January, we headed to Charleston, our new beloved East-Coast-Home-Base
for some R&R. Most of us also got sick, so we had to rest anyway. :/

Thane got to hold a baby alligator at the SEWE event.

We saw endangered Red Wolves!

Spent far too little time walking the streets of downtown historic Charleston.

Rhanna and Abe got to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert, which they both enjoyed immensely.
Which quickly took us into March:

We found ourselves back at Fort Frederica on St. Simon's Island. Love it there.

Such a cool, interactive Junior Ranger program there.

Went bowling with the cousins, which was super fun.

We got to go to cousin Mark's basketball game to be his personal cheering section!

Fort King George is where we spent Abe's birthday.

It was a lovely day.

More fun with the cousins!

Rhanna and Kel went to visit the small historic town of Midway, which was a treat.

Easy to geek out there.
I posted some bloggy-type commentary and more photos about our trip to the Golden Isles here:

Check out these classic Georgia shrimpboats!!

Just before leaving Georgia, the girls visited the Lady of Belle Point - another treat.

Hard to believe, but we were back in Charleston, which was then blooming! DIVINE!

We spent a day at the Center for Birds of Prey where they have demonstrations and many amazing birds from all over the world, which was fantastic. We learned a lot!

Our next stop was Wilmington, NC, where we had beautiful weather and made new friends.

Thane started learning to cook this month. He knows how to cook and bake a lot of things already, but he's expanding his repertoire.

Rhanna started embellishing her jeans with hundreds of embroidered flowers.

Apparently Gwynnie planned to drive us to the Outer Banks. ;)

Made it to Roanoke! Learning about the Lost Colony and visiting the site of the mystery was wonderful.

And Rhanna got to commune with her favorite monarch in a room built of authentic 16th-century wooden panels.

The Outer Banks are quite lovely, and we even have a cemetery in our front yard here!

And that finished up March! We have a couple more things to see here on the Outer Banks, and then we'll be heading north to Colonial Williamsburg where we can really get our Geeks on. :D We've been on the road for ten months now, and WOW, what an adventure it's been! Such a blessing to be experiencing this all together.

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