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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Verdant Bedroom!

Admittedly, I jump into projects I am excited about, but normally I begin with a good plan. In this case, I knew the redecorating would be a great change so I made everyone promise to remind me to take "Before" photos before I started painting the bedroom. Did this happen? NO. Is it my fault? I could argue that one. haha
So here are some stock photos I found online which approximate the "Before" room, at least color-wise.

Rhanna did take a panorama, but it's kind of dark (and Gwynnie looks scared to death, lol!):

Now the room is a forest of greens (I think five or six different shades. . .I lost count!) and is much brighter and happier. I replaced the chair with a bookshelf and Gwynnie's little desk (my Nana made both pieces for me - the bookshelf when I was in high school, and the desk/chair when I was about two years old). I took out the fake built-in "desk" and put half of Gwynnie's play kitchen (also made by Nana, for Rhanna when she was four years old). It was important to me that Gwynnie still have a place to play kid stuff, and pretty cool that she gets to travel with furniture her woodworking great-grandmother made. Then I added a little "garden" in the tiny bedroom hallway, which is pretty fun. Gwynnie wants me to add more flowers to the rest of the walls, but I think that might be a bit much. ;)

This week we are starting to move in! There's more redecorating I want to do, namely curtains and floors, but those will have to happen next month. Well, curtains certainly - floors might be a while!

The kitchen is also finished - the silver-tin backsplashes made a huge difference. Photos soon!

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