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Saturday, December 6, 2008

This was one of the gifts I got last week for my birthday. . .hubby knows I never know what day it is! I was thinking that maybe this would help me remember to post here on Mondays and Wednesdays, or that maybe I'd add a new ABC Pregnancy Thursday post, which of course I already forgot. LOL! What a goof I am. I did add a pregnancy ticker over on the right, so that's something. :)

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Nydia said...

Wht a cool and sweet idea! I1ve never seen a clock like that before, so fun! SOmetimes Ialso forget the day of the week, the dayof the month... I hope everthing is going ok on your pregnancy and your carp tunnel is not bothering you too much! Do keep in touch and blog more (of course, as long as it is possible now!). I'll go this Saturday to mom's to spend Christmas, and arond the 27th I'll go definiteyl to Alto Jequitibá! Wish me luck! :o)

Kisses from Nydia and the gang.